Pindo Palm

Striking in its look, the Pindo’s feather-leaf, silver-colored fronds (some call it more of a turquoise) produce an exceptional contrast to a typical lawn’s color.

These are some of the hardiest palms in South Florida, doing fine in cooler temperatures, blazing sunlight, salty air, and dry conditions.

An indigenous plant in some cases called “Jelly Palm,” the Pindo Palm generates edible berries that can be made into a jelly with a sweet banana/pineapple flavor. The fruits are around 1 inch in size with a seed in the middle. However, just one tree is self-fertile and will produce large bunches of dates every season.

The style of this palm is distinct yet functional. It is often used for smaller lawns, found in moderate coastline homes, an antique Florida bungalow, or dressing up the backyard of a ranch-style residence. Pindo Palms look great in large forest estates, horse ranches, or waterside houses as an intense spot in the landscape.

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