Fill Dirt (16 cubic yards)


Fill Dirt is the soil usually found underneath the topsoil. It lacks soil organic material, which means that it may contain sand, rocks, stones, and earth. It is usually used to fill holes in the ground or to change the elevation of the property. Fill Dirt is great in that is supplies a sturdy base for any construction.
Fill Dirt can be used in commercial construction and smaller around the house jobs. Some ideal projects are: raising planting beds, leveling off the land, building up the ground around foundations to fix water drainage problems, and securing ground around retaining walls.


Savannah’s Landscaping Services offers to fill dirt to Savannah, Richmond Hill, Wilmington Island, Guyton, and Hinesville. Our fill dirt comes from the site to your property we offer very competitive rates on our fill dirt starting at $475 for dump (delivery charges will apply) truckload (16 cubic yards).  Call or text for current pricing and availability please provide the address of the property for fill dirt delivery Call 912-386-1232.

We also provide fill dirt installation services.


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