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Savannah's Landscaping Services is Savannah's Leading Landscaping & Hardscaping Contractor providing professional hardscape services to Savannah, Pooler, Richmond Hill, Rincon, Guyton, Tybee Island, Port Wentworth, Midway, Hinesville, and surrounding areas.  Since 2009 we have worked in Savannah and surrounding communities providing professional landscaping services.  Savannah's landscaping & hardscaping company is ready to help you with your hardscaping project whether it is a concrete/paver driveway, patio, or walkway.

When considering modifying your property outside consider there are two major categories:  landscaping and hardscaping. Landscaping and Hardscaping can exist in one space. Hardscaping addresses most of the “harder” elements in your design. Hardscaping may fit your needs better if your backyard has large open areas, such as a courtyard, a patio, or a pool. Hardscaping includes all non-living components in your landscape project, it also includes man-made units such as decks, pergolas, concrete, rocks, bricks, pavers, stone, and wood. Outdoor furniture and decorative accents are perfect ways to make your space look more inviting while also increasing
the value of your home. Hardscaping is the process of transforming a property into a more functional, decorative, and aesthetically pleasing space. If you must sell, keep in mind that these renovations can enhance your home’s curb appeal while also increasing its worth. In many cases, hardscaping can effectively improve and assist in different ways such as retaining walls can aid in leveling uneven land while materials such as stone can improve drainage and diminish runoff in areas that are prone to flooding. Many homeowners choose to match the décor for hardscaping with the exterior of their property. It is important when choosing elements for your hardscape that they all have a purpose. Hardscaping is also famous for requiring less short-term care and maintenance than landscaping, however, hardscaping elements are always exposed to weather creating long-term care to be a bit more extensive. A great way to choose the elements for your hardscape is to ask yourself the following questions about your external space: Is there adequate space? Do I want to utilize seating areas? Is the space ideal for outdoor entertainment? Is there a focal point? Answering each of those questions will help you create a base design. Hardscaping can as low- maintenance as using evergreen shrubs or plants, mimicking the look of native landscaping. A few bushes here and there and a few evergreens should create the same effect as a fully landscaped yard. Hardscaping provides the benefits of creating fluidity from the internal spaces of your home to the external spaces. Outdoor fireplaces or fire pits extend the use of your external space. This is a great option for owners who enjoy utilizing their outdoor space during colder months as well as those who appreciate outdoor entertainment spaces. Hardscaping can be as easy as maintaining your hard features or going as far as building additional features to maximize your property.


We offer professional concrete services throughout Savannah and surrounding communites. Our hardscaping services includes concrete driveway, Patios and walkways.

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"Landscaping refers to any activity that modifies the visible features of an area of land, including:

  1. living elements, such as flora or fauna; or what is commonly called gardening, the art and craft of growing plants with a goal of creating a beautiful environment within the landscape.
  2. natural elements such as landforms, terrain shape and elevation, or bodies of water; and
  3. abstract elements such as the weather and lighting conditions.

Landscaping requires expertise in horticulture and artistic design."


"Hardscape refers to hard landscape materials in the built environment structures that are incorporated into a landscape.[1] This can include paved areas, driveways,retaining walls, sleeper walls, stairs and walkways any other landscaping made up of hard wearing materials such as wood, stone, concrete etc. as opposed tosoftscape, the horticultural elements of a landscape"


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